Original handcrafted jewelry infused with positive energy

Welcome to BeadBliss3
On this site you will find bracelets and necklaces that are completed and ready for sale. 
Each of these pieces is an original and will not be duplicated, so it's first come first served.
My pieces are crafted using gemstone and glass beads.   When a piece is ordered it will include a description of the stones used as well as the overall intended meaning of the piece.
The objective of my pieces is not only to give you a well crafted piece of jewelry, but also to bring blessings and good energies to the new owner.
In crafting my pieces, I use prayer and meditation before, during, and after I create a piece.  In my belief, the positive energies that I infuse in the beads will transfer to the owner.   While I cannot guarantee that this will make a difference, the pieces that have gone out to date have been well received and many comments about the energies have been offered.
I am delighted to do custom work...whether I use one of my pendants, one of yours, or a necklace without a pendant.
I believe that each piece is destined for someone and that they will find their piece on my site.  I look forward to sharing this wonderful energy!
If you'd like a custom piece, please let me know your colors, silver, gold, no metal, sparkle, shimmer... all the elements you'd like to see.
I'll need wrist size for a bracelet, or if you would like a necklace, the size you'd like.  Standard is about 24" for an adult.
I will make your pieces either with clasp or without depending on your interest.  Bracelets can be made with stretch cord or clasp.  Necklaces are not stretch.
I'm excited to work with you to complete your very special piece of beaded jewelry!
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I love my beads.  Your note describing process overwhelms me.  I do not always feel I am seen by others; I feel completely seen and celebrated by you.  Each of the beads is perfect: I love the black pearls, Water Ripple is wondrous, the crystals and the spacers the just-right choices.

Thank you for your insight, your skill, and your generosity.  Mostly, thank you for your heart; I am deeply touched by your sharing it with me.

Today was a wonderful day.  I was surrounded by the love of my family.  Ron and the children and grandchildren made the day beautiful and in a very tangible way so did you!
I felt the beauty of the blue sea and golden sands.  The starfish was in the center to remind us of all the beauty of making a difference in other peoples lives.
Jan H.
Powerful energy.  I can feel healing take place throughout my body.  Beautiful art with intent.  What a blessing!
Sally W.
This has a warmth and an energy I feel when I put it on... makes me feel good.  I like the look and the feel.
Walt. P.